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I was invited to a Creative Blog Hop by Kirsten. This hop is about sharing a bit about oneself, and to show you some inspiring blogs. Kirsten invited me to join a week ago, and wrote a bit about me in her blog.

I met Kirsten almost a year ago when we competed against each other in the European Scrap Battle. We started chatting and found out that we had very much in common. I love Kirstens style and her details on every piece of art. She is so talanted and inspiring. Thanks for inviting me Kirsten!


So – What am I working on at the moment?
I am currently a designer for: Scrap-AteljénAllt om Scrap och ARTastic. 

Besides some creations to my DT assignments, I´m right now arranging a scrapweekend for the scrap association NorthernLightScrappers which I chair. It´s in a month so we have a lot to do there.

Another thing that takes a lot of my time right now i organizing in my scraproom. We moved to a new house this summer and my scrap things is still in boxes =(


What do I make, and what is my style?

I mostly do canvas paintings and off the page projects in mixed media style. A also do layouts, mini albums and some art journaling. I think it´s really hard to describe my own style but maybe you can say that it´s a combination of romantic and grungy depending on the mood. =)

Here are some projects that represents me:


DSC_0167 (2)


DSC_0164 (2)

DSC_0156 (2)






Why do I create what I do?

The scrap is a way for me to express my creativity, to create with my hands gives me joy and brings peace.

How does my creative process work?  

Most of the time it starts with an idea in my head and ends somewhere else. That it was not quite as I had planned from the start does not matter. The most important thing for me is that I retain the feeling I had from the beginning.

I would also like to introduce my friends, and their blogs. These are 2 people who I find inspiring.

Angelica S

This is a woman I met at a course in Stockholm a few years ago. In the evening at the hotel we recognized each other, which ended in that we sat and talked for quite a while. Angelica makes the most amazing works of art you can imagine, her creativity has no limits. Peek into her blog and marvel!



Katja and I got to know each other by jointly design team a few years ago. Since then we have  meet each other on courses and meetings. Katja is a woman who is not afraid to try new things and it really inspires me. I love her style and her lovely personality. Take a look in her blog and me amazed!


Thanks for reading about me!

Hugs stina


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